The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina is a completely original and unique alternative rock trio currently residing in New York City.  The uncommon act is the brainchild of songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Ryan Shivdasani. Due to such a wide variety of musical styles exhibited by the band, it is difficult to categorize the music and songwriting into one definitive genre and style.  Instead, as an avant-garde artist, Shivdasani prefers to refer to his artistry as an eclectic mix, in many ways. Some of which he considers to be psychedelic rock and experimental rock.

The trio consists of Shivdasani, assuming the lead role, and a new line-up of two other accomplished musicians: Jack Redford on bass and Danny Wolf on drums. All of the musicians have a complete understanding of Shivdasani’s musical direction which enhances the overall sound.

Ryan was born in New York and grew in in Northern California.  He studied at Cal Arts majoring in classical and jazz guitar. While pouring his heart into songwriting he gigged around Los Angeles learning about the music business.  However, it’s not the business end of music that Shivdasani enjoys, or even knows much about. His mindset is focused on the art of music. If not for that, he wouldn’t be involved in it at all.  Ryan considers the music industry and business to be the biggest challenge facing his career. After his LA music experiences, Ryan moved to New York where he formed The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina.

Shivdasani is inspired by “anyone that’s good”, as he puts it.  Humbled by the New York jazz scene, he feels that jazz artists are essentially the top-level musicians, while maintaining a great deal of respect for rock and pop musicians. Growing up, he was a huge Hendrix and Zeppelin fan.  He was also crazy about funk and soul music—basically everything from the 60’s. He describes the band’s “sound-like” category as something between late 60’s psychedilia, (like Cream and Hendrix), melodic songwriting and arrangement,  (like the Beatles), and funky pocket playing, (like the Headhunters).

There are also more contemporary elements, like Chili Peppers, Beck, Nirvana, Radiohead, or Tame Impala, even if that’s not really modern anymore.

The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina’s new album “Act 3” was released in late April 2018.  The official music video is forthcoming. The CD can be purchased at the group’s website, CDbaby, iTunes and other online music distribution portals.