Get a Copy of The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina Debut Album, ACT 3, For $9.95

“Albums with this sort of charged, highly vivid musical creativity        don’t often emerge from the modern popular music scene… ”                -Joshua Beach of Valhalla Music Blog


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The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina is an alternative art rock band that combines many different styles of music effectively. There is a heavy emphasis on musicianship, songwriting, and overall substance. As Michael Rand of Mobangeles stated, “The fluency (The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina) exhibits in the album’s first four songs will be sufficient to convince most discerning listeners that not only is (the band) the proverbial real deal, but they’ve emerged with a modern classic of sorts with Act 3.”

“..this psychedelic-tinged power trio wasn’t content to turn out a retro-inspired psych rock record in their debut. Instead, what we find here is a 60’s influenced and 21st century branded sonic journey into the ethers of ambience, free jazz rhythm and surreal lyrical ponderings…” replied Sebastian Cole of Gashouse Radio.

It’s just plain bloody good music. And as William Elgin of Vents Magazine noticed, “this is a band who draws inspiration from the idea of keeping listeners on their toes.” Act 3 is full of unpredictable twists and turns, and the only way to get a grasp of it is to listen to it for yourself.  Click on the button below to get a digital copy of Act 3 by The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina.

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