Little King and the Salamander (demos)

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This is our demo album, Little King and the Salamander, recorded by my good friend Sal A. Mander and me separately from from Act 3. It has a different sound from the regular line up but I’ve always liked it. Sounds kinda like 60s B side recordings and outtakes, or one of Beck’s pre label albums like Shallow Grave or Stereopathic Soul Manure (heheh.. that guy’s been awesome for like 30 years now). I’ve always had something of an infatuation with back alley recording efforts and figure others must as well, so this is for all you weirdos like me 🙂

Click here for 3 free downloads from ‘Little King and the Salamander (demos)’

Thanks for listening, and if you like them you can get the whole 14 track album here:



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