Bach Invention #4

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This is a side project of ours. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we do playing.

Act 3 Review in Indie Band Guru

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Little King and the Salamander Review

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The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina – Little King and the Salamander (LP)

Bad Like Me

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Here’s one among many unrecorded originals. This one is called “Bad Like Me.”

Little King and the Salamander (demos)

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This is our demo album, Little King and the Salamander, recorded by my good friend Sal A. Mander and me separately from from Act 3. It has a different sound from the regular line up but I’ve always liked it. Sounds kinda like 60s B side recordings and outtakes, or one of Beck’s pre label […]

Straddling the Fence

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When I was 12 or 13, my parents split.  And my mother moved into a complex behind the tennis club where I’d go with my dad. The entrance to the club was a few blocks and corners away from the entrance to her complex, but there was a gate on the opposite end that you […]

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